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I gave honor in recommending Josephine Harewood my mentor at La Mamre Resort whom I know for over three years.  She is very dedicated and enthusiastic in all her duties. She is very humble yet affirmed, trustworthy and patient person. She has bought confidence and stability to my Resort. I believe she have the capacity to function in all her endeavors.Josephine Harewood will make a great contribution and asset to any establishment.


Yours Respectfully

Sandra Edwards


O’Meara Pharmacy
#21 Omeara Road

In 2008 Mrs. Josephine Harewood was given the task of putting my financial records in order and determining what the outstanding tax amount was.

She was also given the opportunity to have staff training session focusing on improving customer service. She assisted with developing staff policy documentation for my business and guidance on handling human resource issues. We also looked at time management options for my personal life.

In the third quarter of 2010, she offered her expertise in ‘life coach’ mentorship, since as an individual my focus was too scattered and too varied to be effective in fulfilling my responsibilities at the time, both on a personal level and business-wise.

What is life coach mentorship? Well, it is an intervention that helps individuals learn how to prioritize, set goals, determine the steps to achieve these goals and also to help individuals live a more balanced lifestyle, and happier one. Where one can enjoy a sense of accomplishment as a result of achieving that which is important to them.

Josephine has helped me to understand and work with my relationships, be it personal or business, in a way that encourages positive development in these areas

Josephine, in all her interactions with me, has shown herself to be a truly virtuous woman. She was demonstrate dedication, patient, integrity, full of wisdom which comes from a wealth of practical experience, no doubt, both through her years working in the banking industry and life experiences. I always left the sessions we had with more confidence and uplifted.

Above all this, she exudes an unwavering level of professionalism in all that she does and says.

I highly recommend her a s ‘life and business coach’ and honestly believe that no better choice can be made.

You kind considerations towards Mrs. Harewood is greatly appreciated.

Respectfully Yours,

Anne-Marie Doyle.

Owner/Manager of O’Meara Pharmacy