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You cannot do everything

You cannot do everything and no one expects you to do everything.
small business owner
When you have a business there comes a time when you have to outsource or hire people, because you cannot do everything.
Your core competence is to strategically grow your business. If you are heavily involved in the day to day operations chances are you may miss growth opportunities. Even if you have recruited good people then you must have confidence that they will do a good job, and if you review your company workflows you would recognize that there are a number of processes you can safely outsource. One example is social media – setting up, monitoring and managing this aspect of your business takes a lot of the burden off of your operations. You can also get help to expand your reach by using online mobile websites. Another area is training. Some larger companies try to handle this internally, however the small and medium sized companies can benefit from outsourcing this.
If you are a network marketer you cannot do everything yourself. To be effective at this you need affiliates, not just any affiliates you need active and dedicated people who would work the business and be there for the long haul. You also need a list, and if you do not have one you need to build one. You can easily buy a list which does not provide quality referrals or you have to pay to advertise in order to get a good list of qualified people who are willing to join the business. A lead scraper can be a good tool to get some leads.
doing everything your self
Even if you are a manager in a company or you work for someone you cannot do everything yourself. Each person brings to the job their individual talents, skills or expertise. If you have ever used a coach or a mentor these people also help uncover your skills and talents. So, whatever you are involved in, you need people to either assist in the input or output and it is only with the assistance of other people that you can produce great things. So take a hint from Mother Teresa who said, ‘I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.’

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How to be a successful Manager?

Once we have aspired to management level we all want to be a successful manager.
This can be a challenge more so if you do not have the management skills to perform this job.
Many books have been written about what a manager should and should not know.
There is even much discussion about whether a manager should be managing or leading.
I am of the view that there is little point in differentiating between whether you should manage or lead.
Once you have been elevated to a manager’s position you must manage and lead.
You are the one to control, delegate, guide, facilitate, provide leadership to meet the department/company’s objectives.
You are also the one the team will look up to. You are the exemplar and you have to learn to balance your relationship between your team and the management/senior management.
leader helping
One difference that I have personally recognized between being a manager and a leader is the style. Managers are just concerned about getting the work completed and meeting targets. Some of them are more concerned about their reputation i.e if the team surpass or did not meet the agreed targets. Leaders on the other take a more holistic approach to the management of the team. They reach out to the team, they guide, coach, they work together as a team, they listen effectively and discipline when required. They also remember where they came from. If you can bring these two together then you are on your way to being a successful manager.

Take a look at some tips on being a successful manager:
Tips for the successful manager

Some of these tips can also be used if you have your own business.

There are a number of new managers and your comments would help them when they land their first management job, so let me know what you think.

If you find that as a manager you are having challenges on the job click the let’s talk button. Help is always there.

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Finding the opportunity to encourage

Why we need to encourage others especially our young people.

I was recently involved in a Mentoring Program for young women at RM Bailey Senior High School in the Bahamas, and I was encouraged by the fact that these young women devoted their lunch time to listen to me talk about having a vision and charting their lives.

This experience made me realize that a bit of encouragement goes a long way. Their Guidance Counselor- Mrs. Andrea Eve was there every week encouraging them to attend. She even arranged lunch for them for the ten weeks of the program, and offered tokens for those who presented the best vision board and for attendance. Below Christina Robinson of RM Bailey Senior High presents her Vision Board.


We have to continuously find the opportunity to encourage others. Encouragement must have meaning, according to Nicky Gumbel …’Encouragement is not flattery or empty praise; it is like verbal sunshine. It costs nothing and warms other people’s hearts and inspires them with hope and confidence in their faith. .’

Make a difference in someone’s life by encouraging them, whether it is on the job or at home, especially the young people. So many of our young people have no idea of how to plan their lives, they have children at an early age, they get involved in situations way over their heads, they get involved with the wrong company of friends, and when they do get a job they do not even know how to fit in. Our young people and even those persons who may be struggling need to know they are going on the right track and you can make a difference in their lives.

At one time in my job someone said ‘why should I encourage or appreciate anyone, no one encourages or appreciates me?’ Even managers sometimes find it hard to encourage their employees because they are of the view that they are there to do a job and they are getting paid for that. so they do not need any further encouragement. They do not realize that these are the right opportunities to encourage people, thereby enhancing performance for both employee and the company.

Today I urge you to encourage somebody, do not wait for someone to encourage you first. As you continue to encourage people you will feel more appreciated and more people will start to encourage and appreciate you.

Looking for a job but no experience?

Are you looking for a job but have no experience?

Every year batches of students come on the job market and the challenge is some of them may not have any job experience.
We all know if you are going to be hired you need some type of experience. So what do you do?
Check out this Forbes article which provides some helpful tips.

Job Hunting with no experience

Although there are many avenues where you can get work with out experience the article makes sense, even if you want to change careers and need experience in that field.

I got to the top

Hey I got to the top. I did it.

I had been away for approximately three weeks and when I returned I found this snail on the outside of our glass door. It must have taken a while to get to the top of the door.

It has been one week since I return and the snail is still there, and I am concerned – how is it surviving? When will it fall?

I wondered so many of us try to get to the top in our career or job and when we get there then what?

What can you do to stay at the top?

– Have a vision of how getting to the top will be.

– Feel how it will feel when you get on top. This has to be deep so see yourself doing the following:

– What will you do?
– How will you spend your time?
– What kind of friends will you have in your circle?
– Where would you live?
– What kind of car would you drive?
– What kind of clothes will you wear?
– Where would you go on vacation?

It is easy to fall when you get to the top. I am sure the snail is holding on for dear life.

Getting to the top can be disastrous if you are not well disciplined and focus. Look how many high profile people had problems e.g Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Petraeus. If it could happen to them what about those who are not in the high profile category? We often hear of Managers getting involved in unscrupulous behavior and business transactions. No one is exempted from falling when they get to the top.


If you got to the top and want to stay there behavior never lies. Your true self will begin to show – credibility, honesty, accountability, moral values and an exemplar are all behaviors that you must continue to display. Of course do not forget the appreciation for the person who got you to the top.

Then you can truly say like this snail – I GOT TO THE TOP!

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