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I wish I knew – thoughts on growing up


When I was a child I wish I knew that all words and thoughts create reality and that my imagination also impacted my life. If I knew this I would have indulged in more meaningful thoughts and definitely imagine more of the things that I would have liked to have in my life.


As a child I was consumed by helping with the household chores, doing school work and looking after my sisters. In between these activities I loved watching movies especially the romantic ones and at times I would day dream about the stars. Now I know If only I had day dreamed more life would have evolved better.

My Mom did all she can to ensure we had the basic – food, shelter, clothing and a good education. Today not all kids appreciate what their parents do for them. They take them for granted. It has become what I can get from Mom and Dad instead of how can I do my part to help.

My husband and I brought our kids up based on what we saw our parents did and nothing was wrong with that, but now I wished I had known about the impact of our thoughts so I could have imparted more of this knowledge on our kids at an earlier age.

  children with computer

In this technologically advanced world kids need to appreciate and understand life from an early age. I wish I know that we needed to share more information with them about how they fit in and the impact certain actions will have on their life. We need to stop sheltering them and waiting until they grow up before discussing certain life issues with them. After all if we do not do it someone out there will and by then it may be too late. We also need to encourage our children so that they will know that they do not need to wait on anyone or anything to be happy, joyful and loving. It is always their decision.

 light and body

As we mature we continuously look outside of ourselves for what we want. Most of our time may be spent in working to get what we want or we may spend time running after someone so they can love us or be friends with us. We fail to realize that everything is within us. As the saying goes ‘The kingdom of God is within us’. I wish I knew then that we are whole and complete and that whatever happens to us we will always remain whole and complete unless we decide otherwise. This is something that our kids should know as they travel along their life’s path trying to find their purpose. They must realize that how you live your life is how you respond to the challenges or obstacles that you are faced with daily, whether in thoughts, words or actions, and no one else can do this for you. It is your choice to free will. I wish I knew this very early in my life.

Take some time to ponder on what you know now and what you wished you knew and learn from these experiences and uplift someone – someone who may just need a smile, a handshake, a nod or a hug. Just something to say that it is okay, everything will be alright, you are not alone, once you believe.

9 Business tools you must have to survive

If you are starting your own business or need to revamp your business processes your best option is to explore the technological options that are available. The following 9 business tools  are what you would need:

mobile apps

– A well designed website

– Text/sms marketing

– Web conferencing

– Online mobile web presence

– Savings on telephone and energy bills

– Accounting system

– Merchant system to be able to accept credit cards

– Technical support

– Access to discounts to reduce your operating costs

While you are at it do not let new business go down the drain, ask your clients for referrals and set up a system so you can ask whenever you do business with them. This is the most credible form of business.

pipe with water flowing

Having documented policies and procedures to manage your business tools and your operations must also be considered. If you need help with this send me and email.

Staying  healthy while managing your business can be a daunting  task so take care of your health by going here:


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Then let’s talk about those goals.

STOP fooling yourself…especially today

TODAY, April 2nd is the 2nd day of the 2nd quarter…which means the year is now approx. 25% complete.

You’ve had 90 days to build momentum, drive results and rack up some big wins.

Are you crushing it or getting crushed?

Let’s have a look…

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If you set a goal of paying off $20,000 in high-interest debt, you should have knocked off $5000 by TODAY.

And, if you committed to losing 40 pounds, you should be wearing baggy pants and be 10 pounds lighter BY NOW.

Have you surpassed your expectations…and are positioned to make this your best year ever?

Are you on track with any of your goals?

Are you even close?

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Helping with difficult situations 

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