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Ah! the month of February. This is Valentine’s month. The month of love, the month of the heart. It can also be the month of second chances. It can be that month when you break the cycle. Give a second chance to someone who you know who maybe hurting because of something that might have happened with your relationship with them. You can start a movement for second chances.

Who do you know that needs a second chance? You can be the one to break the cycle and say – ‘Hey I am sorry for the way I treated you’, or just a “Hello – how are you doing?’ . This can be just what that person is waiting on to move on. What about that member of your family where things just don’t go right between you and them? You may not like what they do, how they operate. No family event can bring you together with them. They just irks you. Can you reach out and love them? Can you give them a second chance? They are people like you – God created you just as he created them, you can love them but not their behavior.

How about your neighbor or is that going to far? Yes the one with the garbage and the smelly dogs who keep getting into your yard, digging out your plants or leaving their ‘dodoo’ on the lawn.

Remember the story in the bible about how Moses murdered an Egyptian to help his people, but hey murder is murder. God gave him a second chance.

What about David, he arranged to have Uriah the Hittite killed because he had gotten Uriah’s wife pregnant. He got a second chance. God did not give up on him even though the first child died as punishment, Solomon was later conceived.

We all need a second chance, or even a third or fourth chance. What about you? What are the things you need a second chance for? Bring up all those things you have hidden away that are nibbling at your peace of mind and say – ‘Hey I know I messed up, and let it go”. Forgive yourself, give yourself a second chance and move on.

We don’t deserve second chances but God gives us second, third, fourth chances. Thank of the many times you messed up, yet things turned around for you. If he gives you so many chances why not give someone else including yourself a second chance.

Who do you know who needs a second chance? Make that call now, or send that message or email.

If you would like to explore how to let go and give a second chance msg me.

Email –

Are you missing the truth?

So often you see signs of things happening right in front of your eyes, but you miss the truth.

In your relationship you may see little signs of things not going well – loss of interest, coldness in the relationship, more disagreements, things start to turn violent but in a jokingly way, communication has either reduced or it is now some grunts or yes or no. What is the truth behind all this?

On the job – people stop talking when you get close, those you lime with are now chummy, chummy with the boss, even those you supervise are always with the boss. The boss is now bypassing you and going straight to them with job-related issues. Uncharitable remarks are being passed. You start getting blamed for all kinds of things. The signs are there but you are missing the truth.

In your volunteer groups, you get the stuff to do which is no big deal, but nobody wants to help. People in the group do not even read or pay attention when you circulate information dealing with stuff that you have been assigned. What is the truth behind all these occurrences? Are you missing something?

You see the truth is always right in front of you and it is up to you to identify it. Missing the truth goes way back to the bible, Jesus and the Pharisees and the disciples. Jesus went about healing people, even raising people from the dead, turning water into wine and feeding thousands of people from a small boy’s lunch. He said he was the son of God yet not many believed because they could not see the truth. In the Gospel of Luke (24:13-35) Jesus walked with two of the disciples and they did not recognize him. The truth of his resurrection was right in front of them and they missed it. Sometimes it is hard to see the truth because you are blinded by your pride, lack of understanding, lack of faith, and fear. You prefer to take the easy route. We see the riots over the death of Floyd, it should have been peaceful but turned out violent in some states. What is the truth behind this? Are all persons rioting because of the death of a Blackman? Or are they venting their pent up rage, anger, and frustration as a result of other issues? Sometimes you sweep your instincts (that little voice that says umm – something may not be right) and red flags under the carpet. You say to yourself – no way; that could not be so, that person would never do that, or like those (the Pharisees) in the bible either Jesus is crazy or he is the devil or the disciples are drunk because they speak of Jesus and the resurrection.

You need to come to terms with the truth. Do you need to check on you? Your tone? Your mannerism? Your expectations of that person or things? What are you aiming for and is this situation providing that or is it keeping you back? Is there an opportunity for you to progress? Jesus offered the opportunity to live a better life, to have eternal life. So many of us miss this. We are so concerned about how it would look, what people would say, or that we would be missing out on life. Have you missed this? What other opportunities have you missed? Opportunities to love, to be in a happy relationship, to help people in need or just to be a better version of you.

It is not too late you can get help to explore the truth behind your situation and the options available to you. Email:

We all need somebody who would listen without judging, somebody to be there for us, not to tell us what to do but to help us understand what we need to do to be a better version of ourselves.

For more information Call us – 954 306 1081; 868 465 0603 email:

Fb: joseylifeline

or Joipf Consulting

***In this time you want to stay safe and healthy, you need all the oxygen you could get, so take a look : and get back to me.

3 Great Tips when purchasing a home in the United States

5linx-security-systems home

Purchasing a home in the United States does not have to be as stressful if you know exactly what you are looking for, which city you want to live in and how much you would need to acquire that home. The Business Insider has already identified the salary you would need to acquire the home of your choice if you have decided to enter into a Mortgage Agreement :, and the following tips would assist in ensuring that you acquire the best deal:

1. Ensure that you do a background check on the Sales Agent or Real Estate Agent prior to any discussions. You want to know that this person has your best interest and is not just interested in getting the deal.

2. Every Mortgage Company would attempt to woo you with Mortgage Services that provide various discounts or benefit,  and this can consume valuable time especially  if you have  agreed with the seller on a specific date and time to close the deal for purchasing your home.  To save time you can shop and Compare Mortgage Rates with No Hassle Mortgage Services using Platinum Discount Network. This service allows you to:

  1. Choose from a select group of Preferred Lenders.
  2. Obtain access to Competitive Rates on Home Purchase and Home Refinancing.                              This Loan Service is available across the United States including Puerto Rico and you have access to a group of Dedicated Customer Service Representatives.

 3. Choose one provider for all your essential services, in that way there is one billing company to interact with instead of several.  Ensure that you obtain competitive rates on your power supply in addition to things  like cable, internet and TV on Demand.  Be sure to include security for your home. You can either get paid for using their services or based on the type of service you select  you can refer 5 friends and get the service free (check for availability).


Do you want to save time and money then grab these options,  you may  even end of not having to pay for your monthly essential services which reduces your monthly expenses for that new home. If you believe this can help you acquire your home and your goal is to make this purchase as soon as possible email me :, or call  954 366 4900. If the line is busy leave a message with your name and contact number.


What’s wrong with moonlighting?

Moonlighting is having a second job that your boss or the company you work for does not know about. It can be a great work at home job.


Some organizations are very strict about moonlighting. They are of the view that once you sign their Employment Contract your time on and off the job belongs to them. This can be debatable as the view is that the organization should and does not have control over your personal time, and you should not be involved in any product or service that competes with your primary job, which is why most people opt for a work at home job.

Advantages of Moonlighting

1. Provides additional income which can be used for short and long term goals.

2. Increases your knowledge and networking skills, which may help with your primary job.

3. Provides some sense of emotional satisfaction e.g if you have a hobby which is financially rewarding like some aspect of the music industry.

4. It can be a great work at home job where you can involve your other family members if you choose.

5. Provides a backup if you have to leave your primary job.

Disadvantages of Moonlighting

1. It can be a challenge to balance both jobs.

2. Base on the details of your Employment Contract concerning moonlighting you can lose your primary job if the company finds out about your moonlighting.

3. It can be very time consuming eating away at your personal time for family.

Some known moonlighting jobs:
a. Teacher
b. Coach
c. Music Teacher
d. Part of a Music Band
e. Product Distribution – this is a huge industry that provides good returns and is expanding everyday as more people look for work at home options. This is the best work at home  option you can consider for moonlighting: Email me –  after you watch the video.

There is nothing wrong with moonlighting if you do some proper planning:

 Know why you want a second job.

 Review your company’s policy concerning moonlighting or second jobs.

 Make sure you are not competing with your company’s products or services.

 As much as possible avoid targeting your company’s clients.

 Be discreet about targeting people on the job.

 Plan your time properly so that you have quality time for family.

 Be sure to review your moonlighting job selection properly.

 Once you have selected your second job. Work at it and give it time to blossom.

I would be happy to know your thoughts on this – Email me – after you watch the video.

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