So often you see signs of things happening right in front of your eyes, but you miss the truth.

In your relationship you may see little signs of things not going well – loss of interest, coldness in the relationship, more disagreements, things start to turn violent but in a jokingly way, communication has either reduced or it is now some grunts or yes or no. What is the truth behind all this?

On the job – people stop talking when you get close, those you lime with are now chummy, chummy with the boss, even those you supervise are always with the boss. The boss is now bypassing you and going straight to them with job-related issues. Uncharitable remarks are being passed. You start getting blamed for all kinds of things. The signs are there but you are missing the truth.

In your volunteer groups, you get the stuff to do which is no big deal, but nobody wants to help. People in the group do not even read or pay attention when you circulate information dealing with stuff that you have been assigned. What is the truth behind all these occurrences? Are you missing something?

You see the truth is always right in front of you and it is up to you to identify it. Missing the truth goes way back to the bible, Jesus and the Pharisees and the disciples. Jesus went about healing people, even raising people from the dead, turning water into wine and feeding thousands of people from a small boy’s lunch. He said he was the son of God yet not many believed because they could not see the truth. In the Gospel of Luke (24:13-35) Jesus walked with two of the disciples and they did not recognize him. The truth of his resurrection was right in front of them and they missed it. Sometimes it is hard to see the truth because you are blinded by your pride, lack of understanding, lack of faith, and fear. You prefer to take the easy route. We see the riots over the death of Floyd, it should have been peaceful but turned out violent in some states. What is the truth behind this? Are all persons rioting because of the death of a Blackman? Or are they venting their pent up rage, anger, and frustration as a result of other issues? Sometimes you sweep your instincts (that little voice that says umm – something may not be right) and red flags under the carpet. You say to yourself – no way; that could not be so, that person would never do that, or like those (the Pharisees) in the bible either Jesus is crazy or he is the devil or the disciples are drunk because they speak of Jesus and the resurrection.

You need to come to terms with the truth. Do you need to check on you? Your tone? Your mannerism? Your expectations of that person or things? What are you aiming for and is this situation providing that or is it keeping you back? Is there an opportunity for you to progress? Jesus offered the opportunity to live a better life, to have eternal life. So many of us miss this. We are so concerned about how it would look, what people would say, or that we would be missing out on life. Have you missed this? What other opportunities have you missed? Opportunities to love, to be in a happy relationship, to help people in need or just to be a better version of you.

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