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How to keep the brain healthy

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Have you ever noticed when you are depressed the brain just cannot deal with certain things?  You get agitated quickly  and it is like someone else with a different personality wants to control you, and the slightest situation you are ready for a fight.

You see everyday our cells are dying just look at your skin now compared to years ago,   we continue to age and we start forgetting things.  In the normal scheme of things the body should rebuild its cells however if we are continually stressed about things in our lives our cells are not rebuilt as it should.

It is a challenge not to get depressed about things in our lives – lack of money, the loss of a loved one, loneliness and the list goes on. Whilst there are ways to cope with depression e.g meditation, talking to someone about your problems, building your skills to deal with your problems having a healthy brain is also important.

Researchers have since discovered that:

Niagen a B3 Vitamin may help us keep our brain healthy.

‘What is NIAGEN®?
NIAGEN®, also known as nicotinamide riboside (NR), is a very unique member of the vitamin B3 family. The body converts NR into Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) which is an essential molecule found in every living cell.

Why is NAD+ so important?
NAD+ enables cells to covert the food that we eat into the energy that we need. NAD+ is also the communication molecule between the cell nucleus and the mitochondria which are the energy producing factories in the cell. If NAD+ levels are low, then communication may be impaired and mitochondria dysfunction may result. When this occurs, everything begins to breakdown.’

What this means is that if you boost NAD levels you promote new cell growth which helps the brain to function better and this may help the body to  to deal with the demands of stressful situations better.

Niagen can be found in the Edge. This is the main ingredient. hi5-edge

People who have taken this say the best time to take it is after a meal, place it under the tongue , let it dissolve and drink a glass of water.

There are also other benefits from taking Niagen – because it rebuilds your cells it can be helpful in rebuilding your liver and kidney, helps with bold pressure, diabetes and maintains a healthy cholesterol level.

Learn more here: Niagen

If you would like to try a box go here: The Edge

You can get a free box if you get 5 friends to purchase.

N.B This is no way represents medical advice. If you are ill you need to talk with your Medical Practitioner/Doctor.

Expand your learning. Free Courses

So many people just go to work each day and return home doing the same thing every day.

This is just killing their brain slowly but surely.

Why would anyone want to do this?

Imagine you in a job for say 25, 30, 40 years and you do no know anything but this job? Your brain is confined to those particular tasks and after doing that for over 40 years you would have prevented your brain from expanding. Forgetfulness step in and you start to go down. Alzheimer steps in.
What if you could remain alert for as long as possible?

The only way to do this is to learn new things.

Engage and expand your brain.

://www.coursera.org/ offers free courses to over a million people all over the world.

This is your opportunity to learn something new in the privacy of your own home if you are embarrassed to let people know you are taking a course, or this can be the stepping stool for changing careers, landing that new or better job or just sharpening your skills. Best of all it is free.

I recently took one of their courses about Nutrition and disease and I learnt so much, to the extent that I can now plan meals for myself and others. I can share information about cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity.

Learning should be top priority for you if you want to remain young and healthy. Young people are always curious about things and you should take this approach.

If it is one thing that I have found free and valuable on the internet is ://www.coursera.org/. Do not wait another minute learn more here:://www.coursera.org/

No subscription, no monthly fees, nothing to buy.

Using Foods to fight depression

This is the final part of my article ‘Depression and Life experiences’.

Using Foods to fight depression

When people are depressed the sadness and hopelessness feelings etc that they get are sometimes caused by the reduction of mood controlling molecules (serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine). These are called neurotransmitters and they are responsible for controlling the thoughts and emotions in our brain. While therapy helps in facing the painful issues and exploring ways to overcome them thereby altering the level of neurotransmitters in the brain, the body also needs adequate supply of amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients to produce these neurotransmitters.

The following are some foods that are known for helping the body during a state of depression:

Complex carbohydrates

Increase your intake of carbs. They boost your energy and improve your serotonin level which controls the feeling good mood. Instead of sweets use whole grains, e.g brown rice, and cereal also peas, beans and vegetables. Sweets increase your blood sugar whereas carbs are digested slowly and stabilizes your energy level. Fluctuations in your blood sugar levels also cause depression.

Lean Meats

Lean meats contain the amino acid referred to as tyrosine, which increases the levels of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain. These two brain chemicals are responsible for helping you feel more alert and focused. If you are depressed it makes sense to include more lean beef, skinless chicken, turkey etc. in your diet.

Fight depression with Omega-3

Salmon, mackerel and sardines, and other fatty fish containing omega- 3 fatty acids are known for improving mood and memory.

Dark Leafy Green Vegetables

Increase your intake of dark green vegetables such as spinach and romaine lettuce. These contain folate which is a nutrient that may help lower your risk of depression.

Dark Chocolate

If you are a chocolate lover now is the time to increase your intake of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is known to improve your mood during depression.

In addition to foods you may consider increasing your intake of sunlight. Sunlight helps fight depression – it improves your mood and energy level.
Aerobic exercise – walking, running etc also puts our body in a good mood.

If you miss the first part- Depression and Life experiences here is the link: http://joseylifeline.com/depression-and-life-experiences/

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To ensure that you are getting the required daily vitamins without the hassle of several tablets or liquids you may want to try just one chewable with 16 powerful nutrients.
Here is the link:
title=” http://www.chews4health.com/teamtrini3″>

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