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How to overcome those fears that are keeping you from achieving your Goals.


I have met so many people who want to live a better life, they want their own home or a new home, to have a good working car, to send their children to university that they may not have experiences and to achieve other things like just more freedom with their time or just afford that much need vacation. Most of us have turned into our own worst enemies, constantly stopping ourselves from achieving our  goals with a lot of negative self-talk. I hear things like – it is too expensive, I do not have time, I do not like this type of business.

When I offer persons the opportunity to save on their monthly expenses – people do not take up the opportunity because they are so afraid, afraid that it is too expensive or they are not ready for this.  If you have been following I want to ask are you afraid to live a better life? Are you afraid to do what it takes to save on your monthly expenses or achieve your goals? These types of negative thoughts, and fear serves only to limit our potential and prevent us from achieving the success that we are capable of. We are what we think we are. By thinking positively about all things, we admit into our minds thoughts, words and images that are conducive to growth and success.  If we expect happiness, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action, this is what we will get.

It is time to claim back your life, stop limiting your own potential, and take action  to develop the power of positive thinking in yourself and to overcome your fears and achieve your goals.

  1. Decide to think more positively

Take a look around you and make a conscious choice to conquer the negativity around you and in you. Tell yourself – what can I learn from this and how can this help me to reach my goal? No matter how dismal your life seems at the moment, choosing to be more positive is totally up to you.  Who are you blaming for your life – your boss? your spouse? your company?  No one can do this for you. You must decide now that enough is enough.


  1. Make a habit to encourage yourself daily

Be your own personal cheerleader.  Don’t wait on anyone to improve your self-esteem or emotional well-being, encourage yourself with daily positive affirmations. This can help you develop a positive mindset,  thereby putting you in a better position to achieve your goals.




  1. Run from negative people

Negativity is contagious so avoid negative people like the plague, they sap your energy, enthusiasm and motivation. Your circle of friends should be caring, positive individuals who will support you and encourage you to achieve your goals. Get connected with companies that provide the opportunity to help you build your business while learning new skills and ways to make money.


  1. Explore new opportunities

The best way to get rid of your fears  is to force yourself out of your comfort zone. Explore new opportunities – learn how to reduce your monthly expenses, how to make money at home. or how to have more freedom in your life. Trying new things and new experiences can do wonders to enhance your positive outlook on life. The sense of achievement that comes from learning a new skill, having your own business and having control of your time  will elevate your mood and self-esteem.

If you want to make money,  achieve success and achieve your goals, take a decision now to reprogram your brain to replace all negative thoughts with positive ones by practicing these simple steps listed above.  Take a decision now to live a better life.  You deserve better.  You deserve to make more money to do what you want to do.  Are you going to continue to rent  falling back on the rent every other month?  What about that house you have been looking at for the longest time?


If you do not do this, you will never achieve the success you deserve.


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Today is your day to attempt and achieve something worthwhile

Today is your day.

attempt and achieve

“Today  a thousand doors of enterprise are open to you, inviting you to useful work.

To live at this time is an inestimable privilege, and a sacred obligation devolves upon you to make right use of your opportunities.

Today is the day in which to attempt and achieve something worthwhile”  …. Grenville Kleiser (Canadian Born Author)


What action can you take right now towards your goal?

What is keeping you back?

Today is your day to make use of the opportunities available to you.


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9 Business tools you must have to survive

If you are starting your own business or need to revamp your business processes your best option is to explore the technological options that are available. The following 9 business tools  are what you would need:

mobile apps

– A well designed website

– Text/sms marketing

– Web conferencing

– Online mobile web presence

– Savings on telephone and energy bills

– Accounting system

– Merchant system to be able to accept credit cards

– Technical support

– Access to discounts to reduce your operating costs

While you are at it do not let new business go down the drain, ask your clients for referrals and set up a system so you can ask whenever you do business with them. This is the most credible form of business.

pipe with water flowing

Having documented policies and procedures to manage your business tools and your operations must also be considered. If you need help with this send me and email.

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Then let’s talk about those goals.

STOP fooling yourself…especially today

TODAY, April 2nd is the 2nd day of the 2nd quarter…which means the year is now approx. 25% complete.

You’ve had 90 days to build momentum, drive results and rack up some big wins.

Are you crushing it or getting crushed?

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If you set a goal of paying off $20,000 in high-interest debt, you should have knocked off $5000 by TODAY.

And, if you committed to losing 40 pounds, you should be wearing baggy pants and be 10 pounds lighter BY NOW.

Have you surpassed your expectations…and are positioned to make this your best year ever?

Are you on track with any of your goals?

Are you even close?

If after the first quarter of the year, you’re not where you want or need to be…then you better find a way to quickly close that gap and CRUSH YOUR SECOND QUARTER GOALS.

Lucky for you that the single best opportunity you have to make a comeback, to redeem yourself and to turn things around quickly just opened for enrollment.

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Helping with difficult situations 

P.S. Is the 100 Day Challenge demanding? Does it require some serious discipline, accountability, hard work, commitment and relentless action?

You bet it does, but by going all in for 100 days…the results are ridiculously huge and life changing!

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You got the job, now what

food in fridge

So you got the job and you are still not sure how to handle the business and office interactions.

Whether you are new to your job or the company it is always a challenge trying to fit in.
Some of the things you may need to consider:

– What to wear?
– what to say?
– What to take with you on the first day?
– How to handle conversations?
– What to do if you are invited to a lunch meeting?
– How to handle on the job relationships?
– How to handle the cell phone?

If you want to make a good impression and stay with the company after your probation you must know all of the above and much more. This is where you differentiate yourself from the pack. Attending a Business and Office Etiquette workshop is a good investment in you.

After all, would it be better to learn about these things before hand or to find out later on after you have tarnished your name? Worse yet, after you are told the probation did not go well, you may or may not learn what went wrong..

No one will tell you all these things. Register now by clicking below.

Business and Office Etiquette Flyer [PDF]

Explore your options.


Stay healthy



Is the coffee business expanding or are we now more aware of the coffee industry?

I do not know if you realize that Starbucks is now in India. They are all over the world and all the other fast food businesses are now offering coffee as part of their breakfast menu. It is as though the coffee business has expanded overnight and each cup of coffee is money in hand.

Just from seeing Starbucks offering a reward card and you can even get a $5 gift card, you have to know that there is some competition when it comes to including a cup of coffee in your menu.

Imagine if we were getting paid for each cup of coffee purchased by all those people we told about Starbucks or Mc Café or Dunkin Donuts coffee? You would have a profitable work at home business and you would be running all the way to the bank. All credit cards would be settled; as a matter of fact you would now have a debit card with money loaded on it. You would certainly have the new house and what about that car you have been checking out in the showroom?

The next company that is expanding its coffee offerings rapidly via a work at home program is organogold. Organogold has recently entered Japan and Russia. Who do you know in these places? You can rake in some good referral income from each cup of coffee they drink and you do not even have to be there. The list below shows the other countries organogold is in. Best of all everyone who is with organogold and spreads the word about organogold products like their coffee and tea are rewarded with cash.

Yes cash! This has become a tried and true work at home business.

The other interesting point with organogold is that this is not just coffee or tea blends this is the healthy stuff. The content of the various products have been developed to produce a great tasting coffee/tea or hot chocolate with healthy and wealthy benefits.
Review for yourself here: ://www.justhealthy.organogold.com

Are you going to settle for a $5 gift card or from $20 to $150 per referral? This is in addition to the other member benefits. You got to wake up and start getting paid for each cup of coffee that you refer.
Would love to hear your comments.

This is a list of the countries where organogold is being distributed:
The Americas
• US
• Canada
• Dominican Republic
• Ecuador
• Jamaica
• Mexico
• Peru
• Austria
• Belgium
• Cyprus
• France
• Germany
• Greece
• Hungary
• Ireland
• Italy
• Kazakhstan
• Netherlands
• Poland
• Russia
• Ukraine
• UK
• Spain
• Malaysia
• Philippines
• Taiwan


How to recover from Hurricane Sandy

Regardless of how much planning you may do unpredictable situations like Hurricane Sandy can pose serious challenges to any business and your life overall. Here are some tips you may use to help you recover:

– Come to terms with the situation – it is what it is. There is no delete button for Hurricane Sandy, so save your energy because you need it to recover and also to provide support for your loved ones, employees, clients etc.

– Focus – start making a list:

o Personal:

Deal with all your personal and loved ones needs first. As a result of Hurricane Sandy do you have access to:

• Food
• Shelter – remember if you decide to clean up, take some pictures in the event you need to seek out any type of compensation.
• Clothing
• Funding
• Communication – If you need support to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy are there family or friends you can contact for help.

o Business

After reviewing your personal life situation, let’s look at recovery of your business after Hurricane Sandy:

– If you have a business disaster and backup plan for dealing with situations such as Hurricane Sandy and you have not put it into action, now is the time to put it into action. If not here are some things to consider for your business:

– Contact your employees to enquire about their well being.

– Check out the access to the location of your business. Are the roads cleared?

– Assess the actual structure of the building – walls, stairs, roof etc.

– Assess the utilities used for your business – electrical, lighting, heating, A/C.

– Take pictures or record (use a camcorder or your phone) of everything – you will need these pictures if you are entitled to any compensation as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

– Review your business insurance – are these acts of nature situations covered?

– Ensure the building is properly secured.

– Assess the condition of your products, water logged, expiry dates etc.

– Check out your business operational tools – cash register, computers, scanners, shelves, desk tops, desks, chairs etc.

– Review your business communication network – phones, internet etc. as the communication lines maybe down as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

– What about cleaning up? Can you get help?

– Is there any way you can operate your business from another location? What would you require to operate your business from this new location?

– How are you going to contact your customers? Do you have a list?

– If you have a list of customers and you can contact them, do so to enquire about their well being and the impact of Hurricane Sandy on them. This will show them that you care about them.

– What about your suppliers?

– Do you need to extend your business credit arrangements?

– How are you going to deal with your employees?

– Commodity items are easier to sell in these situations. If you have a commodity item e.g food supplies it makes sense to help by offering discounts or even some donations etc this would help increase your customer base.

– If you do not carry a commodity item, now is the time to explore ways to sell your products. Can you offer deals or partner with someone who has a commodity item? Think of valuable ways to use your product during this time.

– If you cannot do anything with your business right now consider volunteering, help people who are in need. You will be amazed at the return you will get for doing this.

– You can also pray, meditate or whatever you are comfortable with and ask for guidance and wisdom in dealing with the situation.

These are just some thoughts to keep you thinking. Whatever you do, keep the thought of disaster and problems out of your mind. Look at it as a situation or challenge and use your skills and talents to deal with it.

Yes you have the courage, skills and talents to deal with this.

Take it one day at a time. You can do it.

If this was helpful and you need to explore additional ideas let me know.

How to adapt to unpredictable circumstances?

Are you able and willing to adapt to unpredictable circumstances?

Every day we are faced with different circumstances, some we predict, but most times some are unpredictable. These are the ones that hurt us the most.

You see life and business do not always go as planned.

You may have thought of everything you want for your life – what you want to study, where you want to work, who you will spend the rest of your life with, where you want to live, or what kind of business you want to have. Then things may not work out, funding may not be available for your studies, you cannot get a job or you lose your job, you cannot find the right partner, or maybe there is a sudden health issue.

If you have your own business you may have everything planned out – what products and services you are going to provide, the medium to be used to deliver these products and services and how much money you will make. Then the market changes, your products or services are not commodity items, customers want more value for their money, the bank will not renew your operating facility or would not extend any additional funding to you.

All these maybe circumstances you did not plan for.

Whilst there is no magic ball to alert you about unpredictable circumstances the following tips may prove helpful:

(1) Be willing to change.

(2) Be flexible and open to new ideas.

(3) View change as an opportunity to move forward.

(4) Explore the different scenarios – your worst case, your most likely case and your best case.

(5) Practice visualizing your desired outcome upfront and see yourself handling any unforeseen challenges.

(6) Prepare your day or your week in advance in that way you can easily adapt to whatever changes that may occur.

(7) Do not overload your day so that if you have to change you end up frustrated.

(8) Keep yourself healthy – having a healthy body enables you to handle the stress of unpredictable circumstances better.

Whatever you decide, just know that you have talents and skills and all that you need to deal with all your unpredictable circumstances.

Let me know if this was helpful

The following links provide additional information:

Getting more from your business:

Looking for a job or change in your career:

Life Coaching:

How to get more from your business?

What problems are you having with your business?

Do you need to increase your client base?

What about ensuring that you maintain your existing clients?

Would this help to fix your problems and help you get more from your business?

If you are somebody who feels that my business has its season and you struggle when the season is not right and you are satisfied with that then this is not for you.

All businesses have their ups and downs. As a business owner it is how you manage this.
This is the technology and information age.

Everyone has a mobile phone.

At any one point in time there are millions of people on their mobile phone. They are on facebook and twitter.

People act on information.

Wouldn’t it be great to get your information on all those phones?

What about whenever you have a sale or a new item comes in?

What if you can get this information to them right away and be sure they are reading about your company offers?

This is what you can do for your business:

– Your customers will have all your information on their phone right in their hand.

– Be able to send messages and your product or service offers to all your customers and be sure they will get it.

– Allow your customers to share your messages with their friends thereby helping to increase your customer base.

– Customers can quickly contact you or find your business place.

– Customers can share their feedback of your business on their fan page and this again increases your presence and helps to increase your customer base.

Take a look at a business using a mobile application?

You can have your business information in the palm of your customers’ hands just like this business. Size does not matter.

If you want to get more from your business or fix some of those business problems give me a call 1-242-557-2077 or email me at joseylifeline@gmail.com

Here are some additional information you may find helpful:

Tips to adapt to unpredictable circumstances:

Looking for a job or change in your career:

Life Coaching:

What makes Coffee healthy?

The Caffeine in Coffee is known as a stimulator that  increases alertness and improves your ability to concentrate. Hence the reason most of us drink it. Coffee drinkers must have their coffee every day! There are claims that caffeine has additional health benefits, such as the ability to decrease risk of disease, improve athletic performance and boost memory.

An analysis which was completed by scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology and revealed that people who drank two cups of coffee a day were 14 percent less likely to suffer from a stroke.  The analysis was  combined statistics from eight studies conducted between 1960 and 2011 that had researched the correlation between coffee consumption and human health. The analysis included the results of  surveys from some 500,000 individuals.

There are a lot of varying views and of course scientific opinion  is sometimes strongly divided on the accreditation of coffee as having potential health benefits.  Whether it is clear or not  there are strong indications from the experiences of individuals and some nutritionists  that  consuming coffee  may help in lowering the incidence of type 2 diabetes and heart disease and may provide other health benefits.

Let’s take a look at some research so far that indicate there may be some truth in the health potential of coffee:

Help in reducing the risk of stroke

The Karolinska Institute researchers  found that individuals who drank two and three cups of coffee a day appeared to be less likely to suffer from a blood clot in the brain by 14 and 17 percent, respectively. According to the published findings  the antioxidants found in coffee may help shield the brain’s blood vessels from so-called “bad” cholesterol.

Help in Lowering the risk of heart disease

Although Caffeine intake may cause an increase in blood pressure a Harvard Nurses’ Health Study  published that they did not find  habitual caffeine intake  as a reason for increases in  the risk of cardiovascular disease.  Further the Journal of Epidemiology and Human Health noted that drinking two cups daily reduced the risk of dying from heart disease by 23 percent. This was  according to a Japanese study of 81,000 men and women .

Lowering the incidence of type 2 diabetes

One 2004 study, where more than 125,000 participants were observed, the researchers theorized that it is the antioxidants in coffee (specifically ones like chlorogenic acid and magnesium) that helped improve insulin sensitivity.


Helping  with memory, alertness, and reasoning

For all the coffee drinkers, we all know what happens when we have that first cup  or two of coffee to wake us up.  Women 65 and older may find it very interesting to know that  a 2007 French study appear to reveal that the caffeine in coffee helped slow “cognitive decline.

About gallstone formation and gallbladder disease

If you are concerned about gallstone a study released in 2009 found that men who drank two to three cups of coffee daily were 40 percent less likely to develop gallstones compared to non-drinkers. According to Authorities moderate consumption of caffeinated coffee helps  with stimulating contractions in the gallbladder and lowering the cholesterol in the bile that can cause the stones to form.

Helping to protect against chronic liver disease

Some research seems to suggest that if you are at risk of developing liver disease because of heavy alcohol consumption you may benefit  from drinking a couple of cups of coffee daily. Indications are that Coffee may lower the risk of the development of elevated liver enzymes, cirrhosis, and liver cancer.

All the above  is based on moderation. We all know that we survive on more than one cup daily.

Organo Gold coffee’s key ingredient is Ganoderma— a form of mushroom that grows on wood that has been used in traditional Asian medicines for over 4000 years.  You can research the benefits of Ganoderma at the US National Library – pubmed.gov. Health News Volume 20 Number 4 also provides you with the personal experiences of people who have used Ganoderma.

Ganoderma is alkaline and when added to the Coffee it  provides the benefits of coffee and Ganoderma without the caffeine effects. See how much caffeine you are taking in with you favourite drink below:

Item Amount Caffeine Content (mg)
Coffee, brewed 8 fl. oz 95-200
Espresso 1 shot (1 fl. oz) 58-75
Starbucks Latte Grande 150
Coca-Cola, regular 12 fl. oz 35
Mountain Dew, regular or diet 12 fl. oz 54
Black Tea 8 fl. oz 40-120
Black Tea, decaffeinated 8 fl. oz 2-10
Lipton Brisk Lemon Iced Tea 12 fl. oz 7
Nestea Iced Tea 12 fl. oz 26
Monster Energy Drink 16 fl. oz 160
Red Bull 8.3 fl. oz 76
Excedrin, Extra Strength 2 tablets 130
NoDoz, Max Strength 1 tablet 200
Hershey’s Milk Choc Bar 1.55 oz 9
Hershey’s Special Dark Choc Bar 1.45 oz 31


How does Ganoderma work with the body?

* Enhances Immunity.
* Supports healthy blood circulation.
* Aids healthy metabolic activity of human cells.
* Supports internal organ functions: heart, liver, and kidney.
* Increases and strengthens vitality and makes the person less prone to illness.
* Promotes Longevity and strengthens overall health
* Restores body energy
* Helps fight diseases, promote healing, and improves allergies by building the immune system.

People I know who have used the coffee have stated that they have experienced benefits such as improvement in balancing blood sugar, blood pressure, migraine headaches etc. I have personally tried all their products. I had stopped drinking coffee because of the side effects – acid reflux, restlessness and insomnia. Now I drink Organo Gold Coffee during the day and I feel great, sleep well and I do not have acid reflux. I have also not gotten the flu. Of course our bodies are all different. I challenge you to try a box and let me know your experiences.

These are my views based on my personal experiences, the experiences of people I know and on  online research. I would love to hear your views.



Josephine Harewood

Website: http://joseylifeline.com

Healthy life style: http://www.justhealthy.organogold.com


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