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Take time to listen

Life is always there helping if you take time to listen. The following is my personal experience:

Recently we opened an account with a courier company and we had to provide our Credit Card number. Unknowing to us the Bank placed a hold on the entire Credit Card Account instead of just the amount required by the courier company.

Meanwhile being in a foreign country, I am still exploring supermarkets and I am on the way to a new one. No cash on me but I have my debit and credit cards.

While on my way, on three occasions I felt that I should stop by the ABM to withdraw cash.
Being stubborn I am telling myself –‘it is a big supermarket they must have links up’.

So I reached the supermarket, picked up what I wanted and headed to the cashier. After the cashier swiped the card – she said ‘DECLINED’.
What embarrassment!

I left and went in search of an ABM, got the cash and returned to pay for my purchases.

On the way to get the cash I was a bit furious with myself because it dawned on me that I had ample warning about taking out cash, if I had just listen.

Sometimes it helps to take time and listen to that still small voice. It certainly will save a lot of embarrassment and time.

Feel free to share your experiences.

Growing your business

We are in the second month of the year and I know some small business owners maybe still undecided about which way to go with their business, so the following article will provide you with some good tips.

I have always felt that if the company has strong leadership it helps. This dictates the culture of the organization.
customer service
Many times you go to do business with a company and you can tell what they stand for by the quality of service they provide and the environment.

In addition to having a passion for what you do you must be visionary – explore mobile marketing, most people do their searches on their smart phones and they take quick action so do not get left out.
mobile app sample

Check to see how many clients you got from your yellow pages ad or your newspaper ad, I am sure it does not justify the cost. If you want to increase your customer base and keep your existing customers mobile marketing is the way to go. Just send me an email for more information.

The other key area you need to look at is your processes – are these documented so that if one of your employees leave he/she does not walk out with your company’s knowledge and leave you hanging because no one else knows what to do. You need to have all your processes properly documented. Once you do this and any employee decide to leave you have procedures to show the new person how to do the work.
So many small and medium size companies run into problems because they train and train but there is nothing documented to describe what to do. If you need help with this let me know.

Is your bad attitude the only disability in your life?

The only disability in life is your bad attitude. This is what Matthew Jeffers a senior acting major
at Townsend State University said in this video.

He is right. Attitude is everything.

When you have a good attitude things just seem to fall in place and you feel so good about yourself.

You can see the difference on the job. Some people complain about everything, they do not appreciate what they have and they are unwilling to change or even to look at things differently. Whereas others are very receptive to change, they are willing to try new things, see things in a different way. They are the ones who are always smiling and always grateful for what they have. They recognize that you have to put effort and passion into what you do. They go out of their way to help each other.

Even managers or bosses on the job encourage a good company culture when they have a good attitude. Staff display more team spirit and interest to see the company progress.

At home you know when the bad attitude kicks in. There are no thank you’s, you are welcome etc. There is just the me attitude – everyone must do things to please me. They do not care what you have to do to help them and they do not go out of their way to help you, and when you ask for help they may reluctantly try to help. Then they wonder why so many things go wrong for them? If they will only change their attitude and appreciate their loved ones and their friends and do unto others as they would like others do unto them.

A good attitude attracts people to you and also encourages them to want to be warm and friendly towards others.

I can go on and on, but I am sure you get the idea.

Is your bad attitude showing? I encourage you to check your attitude and take action where needed.

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