I want to be me. But wait who am I?

Am I the employee who is struggling to do everything right on the job and still does not meet the expectations of the job? Maybe I am the employee who does not see the job as a job but as a service that I provide and because of this I enjoy helping people and so I enjoy my job.

Am I the friend who feels left out – people do not call me, they do not like me or invite me out and I feel depressed and all alone? No I am the friend who cares about people, who do not take them for granted, who appreciates the friends I have, the people I work with and my loved ones.

Am I the business owner who is struggling to balance work and family life or am I the professional who practices good time management, is knowledgeable about my business, grateful for what I have and appreciate my workers and my family?

Am I the person who is upset with everyone because nothing is going my way – but I hide under my emotions – I just keep busy and do not pay attention to the things I do? That cannot be me – I love myself, I am at peace with myself and everyone else and I am aware of all that I do and I ensure that whatever I do is for the good of everyone.

Am I the mother who feels the pain when her children is in trouble or who prays deep in the night for them hoping that they will do the right thing, make the right decisions and get involve in the right things.

This list can go on and on because we wear so many different hats and sometimes we need to take some time and decide exactly – ‘Who am I?’

If we sit still and take time to meditate on our lives we would realize that we are a unique being with so many skills and talents at our disposal, and that we are worthy of so many good things.

If you would like to discover or re-discover ‘you’ send me an email.