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Shhh – not for every Small Business


This is not for every Small Business because it involves going outside their comfort zone.

If you have all business you must know by now you have to keep your clients. They are your lifeline, this is where the income comes from so you want to make sure they are happy.  There are many ways to do this and one very effective way is providing access to essential goods and services.  Now if what you provide is an essential good or service then you need to explore ways to add other items.

Why is this important

When things get rough customers want the basic and they would pay for just the essentials so services or products  like:




montavida coffee


5linx-security-systems home

Home security,


Health care and access to discounts. If you can add these to you offering in your community you would increase your clientele.

As indicated this is not for every small  business because you may be satisfied with what you have, but if by chance you want more clients and you have no problems placing a brochure in your store or a link on your website then this is for you.

I want to  help small business who want to increase their customer base and their profits.

Simple way to add these new items:

You can provide these without the hassle of going to get contractors or having salespeople.  Take a look at the services and products here:

http://www2.5linx.net/joseylifeline/opportunity/#  then contact us – email joseylifeline@gmail.com,  954 366 4900, 868 620 8077

Just imaging you have 50 energy/power customers and your state is snowed out you will get pay on all those 50 customers as they must pay their energy/power bill.  What about there TV bill – if you had 50 customers – would an extra $250, $500 help?

http://www2.5linx.net/joseylifeline/opportunity/# then contact us – email joseylifeline@gmail.com, 954 366 4900, 868 620 8077

The power to turn things around

Your life can be a total mess but you can do something about it. No one else will turn your life around until you make that decision. The power is yours. We have heard of endless testimonies where people’s lives were changed just by making a decision to change.

So you have a job or you have your own business and it is not going too well. Daily tasks cannot be completed, bills are piling up and you are totally stressed. You alone have the power to make that decision about this situation. Find a Life Coach and explore ways to improve your effectiveness or how to balance your life and work or even if you need to explore other opportunities. There are number of home based opportunities e.g Organo Gold or Chews4healthand Empower Network to help with your leads.

You have no excuse to beat yourself up or be stressed every day, it can only get worse. It is time to make a decision and use your power within to turn things around. If you are in business how is the business going? Are you operating but do not know where your next client will come from? What steps are you taking to attract you clients? Who knows your business exists?

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone other than those in your circles about your challenges. A Life Coach is a great way to do this. No judgments, no strings attached, just the opportunity to use someone to help you explore ways to turn things around in your job, business and your life. Tell people you exists use a Mobile Online App.

Motivational and Health Tip – Be Still

Too often when we have a problem we act on impulse. We curse, we say the wrong things to our loved ones, we smash things etc .. and we are so embarrassed and harassed after.
It is best and always wiser to be still like a child and wait for guidance from within.

When we think we are sinking or overwhelmed, remember there is unlimited power within waiting to fulfil whatever need we have or whatever problem we have to solve.

Health Tip

Did you know that if you massage the acupressure point in the area on top of the foot between the first and second toes this helps your liver, which is the organ that filters blood, releases stored sugar and helps in the formation of protein? You also get a surge of energy. So slip off your shoes and try it.

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