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What’s the real story with my life?

What’s the real story here? Have you ever wondered why you keep getting sick , or why things keep going the wrong way for you? Life has a way of testing you in all different ways or maybe someone up there is pushing the wrong button.

There are all kinds of stories of why things go wrong in our lives. These are not only big things but little things, like can’t find your keys for the car and you spend a lot of time looking for it, only to find it on the kitchen table. As a result of this you are late for your appointment, but wait, while on the way this guy gives you a bad drive and you end up running into the person in front of you. You ask yourself – is this for real?

There are people who go from jobs to jobs, they can’t seem to hold down a job, or they can’t seem to maintain a relationship. There are parents who got divorced, and their children got married and divorced. Then there are others with heart problems or diabetes or other illnesses and there is a history of those illnesses in that family. Some people verbally abuse their children because they were verbally abused and their parents were verbally abused and their grandparents were verbally abused. If you follow the history of families you would realize in some of them what is currently happening has been happening in that family a long time ago and it continues to happen. So what’s the real story? Let’s get together and talk about this: email: ; fb: joseylifeline

A depressed woman struggling and praying to god and jesus for help and guidance.

You may ask where is God in all this? Isn’t he suppose to take care of us? After all he created us. The truth is God is there. He has always been there and he would always be there. He is waiting on you to say yes, to make tat decision for good and abundant life.

YES to God, maybe it is a hard thing to say because we want it our way. We want to do things our way. After all he gave us free will. Every second of the day you are using your free will to make decisions . The thing is which side are your decisions leaning on? Are they on God side or on the Devil’s side? Everything you do brings you closer to God or closer to the Devil.

We all know God is for abundant life and all that is good and the Devil is there to steal and kill. This is how the system was set up. Of course the Devil does not tell you that he is coming to steal and kill you. His strategy is more subtle. He starts small but where things hurt the most. Your relationships – you start judging and accusing your loved ones. You do things that on the surface appear to be good but in the end it leads to destruction of yourself, your image or your loved ones. You start thinking of yourself alone.

Everything is for me, you walk over people to get to where you want to go and be, not recognizing you do not live in a world by yourself. You may also start breaking some basic life rules – use what is not yours with no intention of returning it and deceiving people. Some people resort to pornography or to alcohol thinking that a little is no problem, but then it slowly gets to a little more and a little more or even drugs thinking that you could feel good all the time, not recognizing the damages that happen in the long term. If you would like to learn more email: ; fb: joseylifeline .

Any decision you make that does not lead to life or good for you and everyone means that you have opened your life to the tactics of the Devil. This is life either good or bad. There is really no grey or no sitting on the fence. The decision is always up to you.

So what is really going on in your life? It is not only the decisions you made or are making in your life but those of your parents, grand parents and those who went before you.

Yep, you have to start making better decisions, but you also have to find a way to get your life back to some normalcy. The best way I know is prayer, but it is how you pray because I am sure you have been praying and nothing has happened.

If you would like to learn more or how to pray more effectively about those annoying things that have been happening in your life email: ; fb: joseylifeline

Remember always think about your decision before you make it. Who is it going to affect? It certainly is not you alone. Is it bringing peace, love, joy and uplifting and developing others?

Is your image of yourself hampering your progress?

The image have of ourself can really hamper us from progressing if we are not aware of it. Let’s start: do you know who you are or what makes you do the things that you do, the way you do it?

What do you think about yourself?

You may say: I am me. Whatever I do it is for me – I did it. I did not get help from any one. I worked hard and slaved to get where I am and what I want Once I get what I want I am okay. After all what you want is different from what I want so It does not really bother me if you don’t have what you want. That is not my problem. We all have our own problems and we each have to deal with it the best way we can.

Whatever my family does have no effect on me, they are their own individuals and I am me. Yes, I have sisters and brothers but what they do or any issues they may have is none of my concern. You see there is an old saying ‘ how you make your bed is how you lie on it’, so they live their life the way they want to and reap the consequences. Why should I care or help in anyway. My money is mine and all the things I have is mine why should I share?

Or I am struggling, I have always struggled, life is hard, lots of traumas in my childhood and I am still trying to get over these. My mother struggled to bring us up and my father and her were always fighting. I don’t like anybody around me who likes to fight and argue. I have changed a lot of jobs because I can’t stand foolishness. I don’t let anybody walk over me. I saw this happen with my Mom and it is not going to happen to me.

Your view of yourself maybe quiet different from the above either having and individualist view or one of love and concern for others.

What do you think about other people?

You may say: We all have our own issues, but you scratch my back and I would scratch yours. I do not necessarily have to like you once you can help me get what I want. We are competing for the same resources, and I am willing to do what it takes to get what I want even if it means walking over you. Anyway some people are so out of it that you wonder why they are here. This includes my family, as we are only connected by name nothing more. I can even change my name if I like.

What do you think about God?

Yep he created me so people say, but where was he when all the various bad things were happening to me? I lost everything, job, house, wife, children, friends. Does he really care? I keep getting sick, and things just not going the way they should. In this day and age is he actually around?

If you continue to have these false images of yourself, other people and God of course progress is going to be challenging. I am not saying if you have God in your life it would not be challenging. You see everything revolves around God our creator. We can do nothing without him. All your power, intelligence, wisdom whatever you want to call it comes from God. He has been there with you all the time and would always be with you. Just call on him.

Do you know Sweet Potato may help your gut?

I love sweet potatoes but do you know eating sweet potatoes may help your gut?

Sweet potato is very rich in fiber. Sweet potato also contain antioxidants which helps with cultivating healthy gut bacteria including certain Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus species. Foods containing 20-33 grams of fiber per day may help with colon cancer and regular bowel movements. So next time sweet potato is on the menu take a helping.

Sweet potato is easy to prepare but first be sure to choose good sweet potatoes. Since sweet potato is a root when you purchase them quite a bit is discarded because the ends have to be removed. So when you are purchasing look for those without too many ends:

There are many great recipes with Sweet Potato :

  • You can peal and boil them. Cut in cubes after boiling and just add butter.
  • You can also cube after boiling and add your favorite sauce I like tamarind sauce.
  • Another great way is to slice and bake in a blend of ketchup, mustard and pepper. Add some Melongene, Green Salad and Baked Salmon.

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Gluten Free Dumplings

I thought I would share with you today my tip for gluten free dumplings. You see I love dumplings in my soups and broths but the regular flour sometimes create havoc with my stomach.

If you are like me and love dumplings but suffer with your stomach or can’t digest the regular flour you would love this tip. As a matter of fact Saturdays are soup or broth days. When we order we say hold on the dumplings please. I wish the restaurant/take away eating place would provide gluten free dumplings.

Flour has a way of creating havoc with your digestive system. It is said that consuming flour may lead to arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and even cancer. It is also now being communicated that whole wheat flour elevates your blood sugar, cholesterol and also clogs the arteries. Why then do we consume so much flour?

The bread, the pizzas, pastries, cakes. We can’t do without these but we can explore alternatives similar to this one where I discovered that cassava dumplings is gluten free and works just as well as normal dumplings.

Cassava flour has no cholesterol, gluten free and low in carbs and sugars. Not as sticky as flour, just add water and you have good mix.

You can have a tasty gluten free Fish Broth in minutes.

Try it out and let us know .

Be careful what you think

I always hear this phrase – ‘be careful what you think’ but never gave much thought to it until lately when I was listening to the reading of the Gospel and it dawned on me that God knows our every thought.

In Ecclesiasticus chap 42:15-25 it says – …. ‘not a thought escapes him, not a single word is hidden from him’. As a perfect gentleman God allows your thoughts to manifest into your reality. Hence the term be careful what you think.

As a matter of fact I was thinking that based on this bible reference God must know my every thought since he is everywhere, he is the breath we breathe, he is in nature, the animals, birds, the sea. God is life and without life we would be as good as dead.

Since he knows our every thought sometimes we may try to do something and it just would not happen no matter what. At this point it helps to recognize that maybe God is trying to tell us something like – it is said that he does not say no just it is not the right time for this, or this is not the right decision or just give it sometime. Review the advantages and disadvantages and see what is really going on.

I don’t know about you but I think it is awesome that he knows my every thought, but on the other hand I need to focus more on God so I could be alined with his thoughts also.

What do you believe, are there situations in your life where you feel he knows your thoughts? Have you ever experienced where you and another person were thinking the same thing without any prior discussion?

If God knows our thoughts, then how could we use this to make better decisions? I am sure there are times when you feel that you just need some guidance to make that decision about your job, your relationships, your life or your family life? Could knowing that God knows your every thought help you? One thing we know for sure is wherever you place your energy and focus that is where your thoughts are.

One name that can save us

There is only one name that can get us through this Pandemic. We have to call on that name. All through out the Bible the Apostles said they were doing everything in the name of Jesus – the one who was crucified. Let us all on that name to break every chain that has tied us to this VIRUS.

So many of us are suffering because one of our loved ones has left this world or we have loved ones who are sick with the virus, or we are out of a job, we do not know how we are going to meet our expenses, we can’t pay the rent, the mortgage or the bailiff is waiting outside to take our car.

We have to call on that name – Come Lord Jesus Come! Now more than ever we need help. No money to be paid, Jesus already paid, no subscription just a few seconds to say and share.

COME LORD JESUS COME! Be Bless and stay safe.

Second Chances

Ah! the month of February. This is Valentine’s month. The month of love, the month of the heart. It can also be the month of second chances. It can be that month when you break the cycle. Give a second chance to someone who you know who maybe hurting because of something that might have happened with your relationship with them. You can start a movement for second chances.

Who do you know that needs a second chance? You can be the one to break the cycle and say – ‘Hey I am sorry for the way I treated you’, or just a “Hello – how are you doing?’ . This can be just what that person is waiting on to move on. What about that member of your family where things just don’t go right between you and them? You may not like what they do, how they operate. No family event can bring you together with them. They just irks you. Can you reach out and love them? Can you give them a second chance? They are people like you – God created you just as he created them, you can love them but not their behavior.

How about your neighbor or is that going to far? Yes the one with the garbage and the smelly dogs who keep getting into your yard, digging out your plants or leaving their ‘dodoo’ on the lawn.

Remember the story in the bible about how Moses murdered an Egyptian to help his people, but hey murder is murder. God gave him a second chance.

What about David, he arranged to have Uriah the Hittite killed because he had gotten Uriah’s wife pregnant. He got a second chance. God did not give up on him even though the first child died as punishment, Solomon was later conceived.

We all need a second chance, or even a third or fourth chance. What about you? What are the things you need a second chance for? Bring up all those things you have hidden away that are nibbling at your peace of mind and say – ‘Hey I know I messed up, and let it go”. Forgive yourself, give yourself a second chance and move on.

We don’t deserve second chances but God gives us second, third, fourth chances. Thank of the many times you messed up, yet things turned around for you. If he gives you so many chances why not give someone else including yourself a second chance.

Who do you know who needs a second chance? Make that call now, or send that message or email.

If you would like to explore how to let go and give a second chance msg me.

Email –

Is God silent in your life?

God’s silence is not evidence of his absence in your life. This is actually an invitation to experience his presence in your life.

Respond to his invitation and start to refocus and see things differently. See the various ways he helps you or is trying to speak to you. Be present in all you do, experience the sounds and beauty in what you do. Even in washing wares feel the soap suds, the water on your hand.

When outside look at the beauty of the flowers the greenness of the trees, the raindrops, the brightest of the sun. Enjoy the sunrise and the sunset.

Enjoy each moment and know that once the moment has passed it has passed you cannot redo that moment. Time just keeps moving forward. So enjoy each moment to the max.

God would not always come to you like thunder or force winds but he would be very gently so look for him in everything that you do.

In any case Jesus said that he would be with us always and even stated that if two or three are gathered together he would be there. Having faith is key to feeling his presence in your life.

Are you hiding from God?

So many people are hiding from God because either of their brokenness or they want to do their own thing.
I think I may have been hiding from God at one time. You see I was so broken, I got involved in the wrong things and just was too ashamed to get involved with God. There wasn’t much relationship with him, I was doing my own thing.

I wanted my degree, a good job, husband, kids and a big house. God was a, by the way, not much serious thought was given to who he was and much less Jesus. 
Some of you may be just under the radar God is there, just there. 
In reading the gospel about Jonah I want to believe I may have been like that, Jonah did not want to do what God wanted him to do.

What about you? 
We must not forget Saul who was temporally blinded by Jesus and converted to a follower of Jesus Christ. 
We cannot hide from God the breath that we breathe is his. According to the Bible, he breathed into Adam. God is the breath of life. 
I realize that God is real, the burning bush with Moses and all his interactions with Abraham, Joseph, David, and Solomon to name a few. 
Then there is the Jesus bit which you may say happens over 2000 years ago and has no impact now, or when you get a chance after you have all you want you would check him out. 
I was listening to the New Testament reading about the Apostle Stephen and it amazed me to know that Stephen saw Jesus sitting at the right hand of God. Now if you are a dying man, you are being stoned to death would you tell the truth? You are being stoned because you spoke about Jesus yet you are still saying that you are seeing him at the right hand of God. This is just one example of many. 
I believe whatever you do God is there and he would find you. Open and allow him to help you to take your broken pieces and put them back together. There is no greater experience than this love of God.

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