WHY ME – Me and my wind shield

Have you ever wondered why things just happen?

This is the first in the series of Why Me?
I dropped my son to the Lynden Pindling International Airport in Bahamas around 10.45 am and on my way back, travelling west on the John F. Kennedy Drive which is undergoing some road works, a vehicle going east went by so fast that it caused a stone to hit my car’s wind shield. All I heard was  ‘PAX!’

I ducked, and then quickly, but cautiously looked up to see a crack in my car’s  wind shield right in front of my face. Oh my God!!

My mind started to race – WHY ME? There is a power outage – seems island wide, the communication system is down, so I cannot call my husband or anyone. I continued driving slowly afraid that the wind shield will come apart. As I continued along the road I noticed someone was having car problems and was being given a jump start. I looked at my crack which now looked like an extended   “Nike” trade mark.

I thanked God that at least I did not have to stop to flag down anyone for help.

I reached home safe with my extended Nike trade mark in my wind shield, but I am now worrying about the cost to replace. I thought everything is expensive. How long will it take to be repaired? Do they have wind shields in stock? Would we have to rent a car? Would the insurance pay? What if the Insurance Company will not pay?

Of course in times like these you drop to your knees and ask for help so before retiring to bed, knees to floor – ‘Holy Father let me get the wind screen repaired free of charge’.

The next day my husband arranged for me to visit the Wind Shield Repairs Company and the Insurance Company. The Insurance Company did agree to settle and it was just $480.00. What a relief!

I ask myself was there a lesson to be learnt from this? Why did this have to happen to me? There I was taking my time on the road, driving within the speed limit, a bit sad that my son had left,  but happy that we had a good time together, and now this!

The thing is we worry so much about things that may not even happen. We put the body under so much stress, which causes a lot of different illnesses, when we can just have faith that all will be well.

So today I want you to put the worry aside and know that whatever you are going through all will be well. As the saying goes –“You never get more than you can handle”.