Regardless of how much planning you may do unpredictable situations like Hurricane Sandy can pose serious challenges to any business and your life overall. Here are some tips you may use to help you recover:

– Come to terms with the situation – it is what it is. There is no delete button for Hurricane Sandy, so save your energy because you need it to recover and also to provide support for your loved ones, employees, clients etc.

– Focus – start making a list:

o Personal:

Deal with all your personal and loved ones needs first. As a result of Hurricane Sandy do you have access to:

• Food
• Shelter – remember if you decide to clean up, take some pictures in the event you need to seek out any type of compensation.
• Clothing
• Funding
• Communication – If you need support to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy are there family or friends you can contact for help.

o Business

After reviewing your personal life situation, let’s look at recovery of your business after Hurricane Sandy:

– If you have a business disaster and backup plan for dealing with situations such as Hurricane Sandy and you have not put it into action, now is the time to put it into action. If not here are some things to consider for your business:

– Contact your employees to enquire about their well being.

– Check out the access to the location of your business. Are the roads cleared?

– Assess the actual structure of the building – walls, stairs, roof etc.

– Assess the utilities used for your business – electrical, lighting, heating, A/C.

– Take pictures or record (use a camcorder or your phone) of everything – you will need these pictures if you are entitled to any compensation as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

– Review your business insurance – are these acts of nature situations covered?

– Ensure the building is properly secured.

– Assess the condition of your products, water logged, expiry dates etc.

– Check out your business operational tools – cash register, computers, scanners, shelves, desk tops, desks, chairs etc.

– Review your business communication network – phones, internet etc. as the communication lines maybe down as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

– What about cleaning up? Can you get help?

– Is there any way you can operate your business from another location? What would you require to operate your business from this new location?

– How are you going to contact your customers? Do you have a list?

– If you have a list of customers and you can contact them, do so to enquire about their well being and the impact of Hurricane Sandy on them. This will show them that you care about them.

– What about your suppliers?

– Do you need to extend your business credit arrangements?

– How are you going to deal with your employees?

– Commodity items are easier to sell in these situations. If you have a commodity item e.g food supplies it makes sense to help by offering discounts or even some donations etc this would help increase your customer base.

– If you do not carry a commodity item, now is the time to explore ways to sell your products. Can you offer deals or partner with someone who has a commodity item? Think of valuable ways to use your product during this time.

– If you cannot do anything with your business right now consider volunteering, help people who are in need. You will be amazed at the return you will get for doing this.

– You can also pray, meditate or whatever you are comfortable with and ask for guidance and wisdom in dealing with the situation.

These are just some thoughts to keep you thinking. Whatever you do, keep the thought of disaster and problems out of your mind. Look at it as a situation or challenge and use your skills and talents to deal with it.

Yes you have the courage, skills and talents to deal with this.

Take it one day at a time. You can do it.

If this was helpful and you need to explore additional ideas let me know.