Life is always there helping if you take time to listen. The following is my personal experience:

Recently we opened an account with a courier company and we had to provide our Credit Card number. Unknowing to us the Bank placed a hold on the entire Credit Card Account instead of just the amount required by the courier company.

Meanwhile being in a foreign country, I am still exploring supermarkets and I am on the way to a new one. No cash on me but I have my debit and credit cards.

While on my way, on three occasions I felt that I should stop by the ABM to withdraw cash.
Being stubborn I am telling myself –‘it is a big supermarket they must have links up’.

So I reached the supermarket, picked up what I wanted and headed to the cashier. After the cashier swiped the card – she said ‘DECLINED’.
What embarrassment!

I left and went in search of an ABM, got the cash and returned to pay for my purchases.

On the way to get the cash I was a bit furious with myself because it dawned on me that I had ample warning about taking out cash, if I had just listen.

Sometimes it helps to take time and listen to that still small voice. It certainly will save a lot of embarrassment and time.

Feel free to share your experiences.