Hey I got to the top. I did it.

I had been away for approximately three weeks and when I returned I found this snail on the outside of our glass door. It must have taken a while to get to the top of the door.

It has been one week since I return and the snail is still there, and I am concerned – how is it surviving? When will it fall?

I wondered so many of us try to get to the top in our career or job and when we get there then what?

What can you do to stay at the top?

– Have a vision of how getting to the top will be.

– Feel how it will feel when you get on top. This has to be deep so see yourself doing the following:

– What will you do?
– How will you spend your time?
– What kind of friends will you have in your circle?
– Where would you live?
– What kind of car would you drive?
– What kind of clothes will you wear?
– Where would you go on vacation?

It is easy to fall when you get to the top. I am sure the snail is holding on for dear life.

Getting to the top can be disastrous if you are not well disciplined and focus. Look how many high profile people had problems e.g Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Petraeus. If it could happen to them what about those who are not in the high profile category? We often hear of Managers getting involved in unscrupulous behavior and business transactions. No one is exempted from falling when they get to the top.


If you got to the top and want to stay there behavior never lies. Your true self will begin to show – credibility, honesty, accountability, moral values and an exemplar are all behaviors that you must continue to display. Of course do not forget the appreciation for the person who got you to the top.

Then you can truly say like this snail – I GOT TO THE TOP!