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What’s wrong with moonlighting?

Moonlighting is having a second job that your boss or the company you work for does not know about. It can be a great work at home job.


Some organizations are very strict about moonlighting. They are of the view that once you sign their Employment Contract your time on and off the job belongs to them. This can be debatable as the view is that the organization should and does not have control over your personal time, and you should not be involved in any product or service that competes with your primary job, which is why most people opt for a work at home job.

Advantages of Moonlighting

1. Provides additional income which can be used for short and long term goals.

2. Increases your knowledge and networking skills, which may help with your primary job.

3. Provides some sense of emotional satisfaction e.g if you have a hobby which is financially rewarding like some aspect of the music industry.

4. It can be a great work at home job where you can involve your other family members if you choose.

5. Provides a backup if you have to leave your primary job.

Disadvantages of Moonlighting

1. It can be a challenge to balance both jobs.

2. Base on the details of your Employment Contract concerning moonlighting you can lose your primary job if the company finds out about your moonlighting.

3. It can be very time consuming eating away at your personal time for family.

Some known moonlighting jobs:
a. Teacher
b. Coach
c. Music Teacher
d. Part of a Music Band
e. Product Distribution – this is a huge industry that provides good returns and is expanding everyday as more people look for work at home options. This is the best work at home  option you can consider for moonlighting:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLFIe5eYF5k&feature=youtu.be. Email me – joseylifeline@gmail.com  after you watch the video.

There is nothing wrong with moonlighting if you do some proper planning:

 Know why you want a second job.

 Review your company’s policy concerning moonlighting or second jobs.

 Make sure you are not competing with your company’s products or services.

 As much as possible avoid targeting your company’s clients.

 Be discreet about targeting people on the job.

 Plan your time properly so that you have quality time for family.

 Be sure to review your moonlighting job selection properly.

 Once you have selected your second job. Work at it and give it time to blossom.

I would be happy to know your thoughts on this – Email me – joseylifeline@gmail.com after you watch the video.

How to adapt to unpredictable circumstances?

Are you able and willing to adapt to unpredictable circumstances?

Every day we are faced with different circumstances, some we predict, but most times some are unpredictable. These are the ones that hurt us the most.

You see life and business do not always go as planned.

You may have thought of everything you want for your life – what you want to study, where you want to work, who you will spend the rest of your life with, where you want to live, or what kind of business you want to have. Then things may not work out, funding may not be available for your studies, you cannot get a job or you lose your job, you cannot find the right partner, or maybe there is a sudden health issue.

If you have your own business you may have everything planned out – what products and services you are going to provide, the medium to be used to deliver these products and services and how much money you will make. Then the market changes, your products or services are not commodity items, customers want more value for their money, the bank will not renew your operating facility or would not extend any additional funding to you.

All these maybe circumstances you did not plan for.

Whilst there is no magic ball to alert you about unpredictable circumstances the following tips may prove helpful:

(1) Be willing to change.

(2) Be flexible and open to new ideas.

(3) View change as an opportunity to move forward.

(4) Explore the different scenarios – your worst case, your most likely case and your best case.

(5) Practice visualizing your desired outcome upfront and see yourself handling any unforeseen challenges.

(6) Prepare your day or your week in advance in that way you can easily adapt to whatever changes that may occur.

(7) Do not overload your day so that if you have to change you end up frustrated.

(8) Keep yourself healthy – having a healthy body enables you to handle the stress of unpredictable circumstances better.

Whatever you decide, just know that you have talents and skills and all that you need to deal with all your unpredictable circumstances.

Let me know if this was helpful

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