Every where I turn there is a hunger for respect, control, freedom and financial rewards.


On the job people talk about not being respected by their peers and their managers or supervisors. It is a fact some people on the job and even in various organizations really do not respect you and people look at various things – your education, how you dress, your family background,  what type of car you drive, where you live and even who you hang out with.  So we end of with this hunger for respect and some people head for entrepreneurship thinking that this would solve their problem.  For some when they get there it is an eye opener because there is still the hunger for respect.


As an entrepreneur you must have respect for yourself, have a mindset to succeed and develop your own personal  brand.  Who are you, where are you now, where do you want to go and what do you need to do to get there? These are some questions you need to focus on if you are to survive as an entrepreneur.  Look around you all the successful entrepreneurs have developed their own personal brand, some examples are  Tony Robbins, Melani  Leshinsky, Robert Kiyosaki, Marilyn M Lynch and Mary Ellen Trevino. This has also given them more control of their lives.

We all want to have control, we want to be in control of our time, where we go, when we take vacation. This can only be possible if you are an entrepreneur. When you work for someone they are in control of your time. They dictate what you do with your time every day and even weekends and when you can go on vacation. Sometimes they also dictate  who you can hang with. Entrepreneurs have control of their lives and the freedom to do  what we want.


Why do we want freedom?  Everyone wants freedom. We want to do what we want when we want. We do not want anyone to tell us what to do. Entrepreneurs have this yearning when they are in a job, they want freedom to express themselves, freedom to be there for there family when ever they need to, to take a vacation when they want to, to purchase whatever they need without thinking twice because they can enjoy their financial rewards. You can have  financial rewards working for someone but to what extent and at what cost?

financial rewards

We are all striving for financial rewards to be able to go to the grocery and not  be scared that we do not have enough cash or the debit or credit card would come back as declined. We want to have enough to take care of our families – pay medical bills, education fees and have a safe and good shelter for them. We want to be able to take our family to a good restaurant or have a great vacation. Financial rewards do all this and more but we must decide at what cost. Can you have financial freedom by working for someone else or for yourself? You decide. Take a look at these 4 reasons to quit your job:


How to have freedom to do what you want:


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