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Real Transformation – OPEN your flow of Abundance NOW


Ever wonder why sometimes your life is a GRIND and a STRUGGLE?

While at other times it FLOWS with EASE, JOY and LOVE?

Well, it’s not luck or random chance.

In 1991 a group called the Institute of Heart Math was the first gathering of scientists ever to document the true power of the heart and its role in manifesting the life you desire.

…these scientists discovered YOUR heart’s magnetic field is MUCH more powerful than your brain.

In FACT: 5,000 times more powerful! YES, the heart’s magnetic field is FIVE THOUSAND times stronger than the brain – can you imagine that?

This means your heart is literally PULLING and CREATING REALITY around you – like a MAGNET.

Here’s the CHALLENGE:

Even though we’re born with our hearts open (and resonating with love) we CLOSE OFF our hearts over time.

GOOD NEWS: Luckily no matter how many times you’ve failed, scientists discovered as soon as “AWAKEN YOUR HEART” you can UN-KINK the hose blocking your success.

open heart

When your heart’s OPEN and your VIBRATION is high… GUESS WHAT?

…life goes smoother. You feel a DEEP connection that completes you. You find your body, mind and soul work in unison and life once again has MEANING…

You see opportunities, possibilities and a deep sense of CALM and EASE.

Best of all this is FACT: Because 250,000+ people have ALREADY been doing it and SUPPORTING people (just like you) to create thousands and thousands of LIFE transformations…


In fact, 94.2% of respondents (because of this energy support) said their “Life Got Better”!

See  more Stories of Transformation here:


“This is what I’ve been waiting for my ENTIRE LIFE!!! This was my first call and before I ever clicked on I knew that this was going to be powerful beyond words AND OMG IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!” – VE in Atlanta

Tired of theory? Want PROOF? Here’s what listeners actually reported with this HEART energy support:

1) A Deep Reconnection to LOVE once thought to be lost
2) Feeling MORE ALIVE, engaged and connected with life
3) Being able to enjoy the present moment…LONGER
4) Beautiful CLARITY, purpose, and direction in life
5) INSTANT & RAPID synchronicities with people you’ve never met
6) Rediscover childhood gifts (and PSYCHIC abilities)

Picture a NEW YOU awakening your ‘true’ energy, arising from your heart vibration, and MANIFESTING an abundant and joy-filled existence at the very SAME TIME!


P.S. – With this Energy Circle you’ll feel connected to this larger cause for GOOD – and remember it’s totally FREE!

During time of change you can be SAFE, HAPPY and in LOVE with life…

Take a breath and repeat after me, “YES, I deserve to be one of the million hearts re-awakened…”

Heart Awakening KIT>>here:

P.S.S – Oh, did you know that this project is also feeding 45 starving children every day?
It’s part of the ‘Heart Mission’ of its founder:


Darius Barazandeh.

All of it is 100% FREE but the LOVE and TRANSFORMATION they are transmitting to your heart and mine lasts forever….

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If you keep your business options open to the flow of abundance view this  now: http://123setsyoufree.com/ and get back to me

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Are you derailing productivity?


It’s in your best interest as a manager to ensure that your team is productive, but despite your good intentions, there are plenty of ways managers unintentionally stifle the successful workplace environment you’re striving to foster. Here are a few common ways your efforts to be a supportive manager may actually hinder your team’s productivity potential.

1. You don’t scrutinize meeting agendas. Though ensuring you have a relationship with the people you report to is important (nearly 55% of respondents to a Society for Human Resource Man­­age­­ment (SHRM) Employee Job Sat­­is­­fac­­tion and Engagement survey said it was a key factor in the level of engagement they feel with their jobs), meetings aren’t the way to foster a connection among employees. To facilitate productivity, all meetings should have one defining purpose: to move further toward a defined and desired result.

Before a meeting, ask yourself:

(1) Is there an agenda?

(2) Does each item on the agenda have a defined and specific outcome that will lead to either continued momentum, and/or completion?

(3) Does each agenda item specify the amount of time and attention it will receive?

(4) Does each agenda item have an “owner” assigned?

(5) Are all the people who need to be involved in an agenda item available?

(6) Does everyone on the invite have a “place” on the agenda?

(7) Does the meeting end time coincide with the amount of time each agenda item will receive?

Lead by example, and encourage your staff to get in the habit of strategically scrutinizing every meeting for these criteria as well.  If every question above can’t be answered in the affirmative, consider alternative ways to communicate.

2. You force your way. Taking a “hands off” approach isn’t all there is to delegating; you must also be mindful about allowing employees to have a voice. “It isn’t about you, it is about the work,” says Dr. Jené Kapela, a leadership coach, consultant, and the founder of Jené Kapela Leadership Solutions. “Don’t be concerned that things get done your way —just that they get done well. Your staff members will do a better job if they can do things in a way that makes sense to them.” With that in mind, however, she says you’ll need to create opportunities for those discussions to take place—and keep an open mind about any approach.

3. You don’t confirm communication. Miscommunications usually aren’t revealed until a mistake occurs in the midst of a project, or until an employee hits a “roadblock” that causes him or her to seek clarification. By that time, countless hours of what could have been productive time are lost. To eliminate potential miscommunication, Mark Goulston, management consultant and author of six best-selling books including Just Listen suggests tweaking your language when you give direction. “Instead of asking ‘Do you have any questions?’ replace it with a phrase like ‘So that we are clear, please tell me what I have asked you to do, by when and why it’s important to what we are trying to achieve,’” says Goulston. Not only will repeating the information help the em­­ployee begin to process the task and reveal miscommunication before it’s problematic, you’ll gradually gain a better understanding of how to communicate effectively with the different personalities on your team.

4. You do more than one thing at a time. Though multitasking may seem like the only way to handle a demanding workload, it’s ineffective in terms of maximizing productivity. “Constant multitasking makes us more prone to mistakes, more likely to miss important information and cues, and less likely to retain information in working memory—which impairs problem solving and creativity,” says Maura Thomas, author of Personal Productivity Secrets. Further, she points out that it can lead to job unhappiness and undue stress among your staff. “In multitasking environments, employees work in reactive mode all day long; it prevents them from being proactive, and robs them of the opportunity to assess their overall workload and choose what to work on next.”

To encourage more single-task focus, remember that the team looks to you for the “right” behavior. Don’t take your smart­­phone into meetings, don’t check emails while you’re on conference calls, and establish a protocol for how “urgent” requests for information are to be handled. For example, you may instill a policy that when urgent needs arise, colleagues visit one another in person, versus sending urgent emails that make it impossible to temporarily disconnect from online distractions.

by  on 

” This information is proudly provided by Business Management Daily.com:http://www.businessmanagementdaily.com/38721/are-you-derailing-productivity ”


There are always options.

One of these is to RELEASE YOUR INNER ENTREPRENEUR! World-class duplicating system with mentoring by the marketing ELITE. With 5linx, ANYONE can write their own paychecks using OUR complete system.  Write your own paycheck here: http://www2.5linx.net/L618229/

How to get involve in network marketing

Working on line and from home has become so competitive and sometimes it appears that everyone wants to become millionaires overnight.  They go from one opportunity to the other failing to realize you have to put in the time. The largest industry now is network marketing. This can go from working solely on line or both on and offline. You cannot work online if you are not involved in network marketing.

Network marketing is not your conventional job and as the name implies you have to network. Whether it is connecting with people on facebook , twitter or linkedin or buying leads you have got to network. There are people who work the business and they are millionaires.  Did I say work the business? Yes this is what they do every day.

As a result of being scammed by various on line money making schemes it is now a requirement that you must provide a product or service when offering any type of money making option. If you recall Zeek Rewards had a service about placing Ads but that still went belly up.  So, it is important that the company has a core business model.

By now if you have been in the network marketing field you must realize that the way to make money is in the numbers. That’s how you make money and how the company makes money.  E.g If I sell one service at $60 and suppose to get back $10, that $10 is not a direct payout to me; I only get a percentage of it based on where I am in the group. So I must sell 100 of these for it to make sense. On the other hand if I enroll reps I can get anywhere between $25 and $100 or even more for each rep. If they fall out I have already been paid. If 100 people pay $99 to enroll and 50% do nothing the company does not lose since there is normally no refund on enrollment.

 fire your boss

Why then would you want to work online and from home?  Freedom – is it time to fire your boss, because you are just fed up of having him/her over your shoulder every day. The frustration is just too much, too much office politics, too much red tape. What about those bills that have been following you  around, but you can’t find any money as yet to settle them? Then there is funding to start up your own business because you have been passionate about doing this for a long time. Whatever your reason there are still some seemingly genuine options that are available, but how do you know which one to select?

Below you will find some tips on selecting an online/home based money making business option:

–      Decide what is your why – why do you want to join this business – freedom, more time with family, just some cash to settle your debts, whatever your reason it must be something that will provide that impetus to take you through the not so good times.

–      Do your research – what is their industry and where are they in their particular industry. Have they been highlighted in various magazines, awarded any prizes – top ten or top one hundred fastest growing company. 400% or more growth in the last four years or close. What about their culture, how do they deal with representatives? Are they sound financially? Will they be around next year or next five or ten years? Do they have a well-orchestrated company strategy? You can easily find some companies to make some quick cash but there is no guarantee they will be around for the long haul.

–      Can you afford the registration fee? The more sound companies have a registration and/or a monthly fee.  

–      Most networking companies require you to have at least two referrals to start the process. Do you have two people who are not only willing but would work the business as a team with you? Take it from me if you are serious about the business you need people who are also serious about the business. This is not a business where you get in and start vacation immediately and expect to reap the rewards.

–      Do you need storage for your products?

–      How much time do you have to devout to the business?

–      How are you going to get customers and market your business? If you have been in various networking groups before that did not work your best bet is to look outside of your family. They will come around when they see you progressing. Are you familiar with social media – facebook, twitter, linkedin? If you are working and plan to moonlight – then you definitely need to know social media.

–      What about training? Does the company have training and support?

–      Do you have the necessary tools – phone, text messaging, optimized website, webinar etc.?

–      What about payment options – do you have a credit/vtm or US Debit card? If you are delving into direct payment schemes you need to have a paypal/solid trust pay account and you need to have your credit card or vtm card linked to these accounts.

The above are just some of the issues to consider when you are looking for on line and work from home opportunities.

Feel free to add to it.

Hunger for respect, control, freedom and financial rewards

Every where I turn there is a hunger for respect, control, freedom and financial rewards.


On the job people talk about not being respected by their peers and their managers or supervisors. It is a fact some people on the job and even in various organizations really do not respect you and people look at various things – your education, how you dress, your family background,  what type of car you drive, where you live and even who you hang out with.  So we end of with this hunger for respect and some people head for entrepreneurship thinking that this would solve their problem.  For some when they get there it is an eye opener because there is still the hunger for respect.


As an entrepreneur you must have respect for yourself, have a mindset to succeed and develop your own personal  brand.  Who are you, where are you now, where do you want to go and what do you need to do to get there? These are some questions you need to focus on if you are to survive as an entrepreneur.  Look around you all the successful entrepreneurs have developed their own personal brand, some examples are  Tony Robbins, Melani  Leshinsky, Robert Kiyosaki, Marilyn M Lynch and Mary Ellen Trevino. This has also given them more control of their lives.

We all want to have control, we want to be in control of our time, where we go, when we take vacation. This can only be possible if you are an entrepreneur. When you work for someone they are in control of your time. They dictate what you do with your time every day and even weekends and when you can go on vacation. Sometimes they also dictate  who you can hang with. Entrepreneurs have control of their lives and the freedom to do  what we want.


Why do we want freedom?  Everyone wants freedom. We want to do what we want when we want. We do not want anyone to tell us what to do. Entrepreneurs have this yearning when they are in a job, they want freedom to express themselves, freedom to be there for there family when ever they need to, to take a vacation when they want to, to purchase whatever they need without thinking twice because they can enjoy their financial rewards. You can have  financial rewards working for someone but to what extent and at what cost?

financial rewards

We are all striving for financial rewards to be able to go to the grocery and not  be scared that we do not have enough cash or the debit or credit card would come back as declined. We want to have enough to take care of our families – pay medical bills, education fees and have a safe and good shelter for them. We want to be able to take our family to a good restaurant or have a great vacation. Financial rewards do all this and more but we must decide at what cost. Can you have financial freedom by working for someone else or for yourself? You decide. Take a look at these 4 reasons to quit your job:


How to have freedom to do what you want:


Changing jobs: 101 Great Ways to compete in the job market

Get a copy here: http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?Clk=5144162

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