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How to get involve in network marketing

Working on line and from home has become so competitive and sometimes it appears that everyone wants to become millionaires overnight.  They go from one opportunity to the other failing to realize you have to put in the time. The largest industry now is network marketing. This can go from working solely on line or both on and offline. You cannot work online if you are not involved in network marketing.

Network marketing is not your conventional job and as the name implies you have to network. Whether it is connecting with people on facebook , twitter or linkedin or buying leads you have got to network. There are people who work the business and they are millionaires.  Did I say work the business? Yes this is what they do every day.

As a result of being scammed by various on line money making schemes it is now a requirement that you must provide a product or service when offering any type of money making option. If you recall Zeek Rewards had a service about placing Ads but that still went belly up.  So, it is important that the company has a core business model.

By now if you have been in the network marketing field you must realize that the way to make money is in the numbers. That’s how you make money and how the company makes money.  E.g If I sell one service at $60 and suppose to get back $10, that $10 is not a direct payout to me; I only get a percentage of it based on where I am in the group. So I must sell 100 of these for it to make sense. On the other hand if I enroll reps I can get anywhere between $25 and $100 or even more for each rep. If they fall out I have already been paid. If 100 people pay $99 to enroll and 50% do nothing the company does not lose since there is normally no refund on enrollment.

 fire your boss

Why then would you want to work online and from home?  Freedom – is it time to fire your boss, because you are just fed up of having him/her over your shoulder every day. The frustration is just too much, too much office politics, too much red tape. What about those bills that have been following you  around, but you can’t find any money as yet to settle them? Then there is funding to start up your own business because you have been passionate about doing this for a long time. Whatever your reason there are still some seemingly genuine options that are available, but how do you know which one to select?

Below you will find some tips on selecting an online/home based money making business option:

–      Decide what is your why – why do you want to join this business – freedom, more time with family, just some cash to settle your debts, whatever your reason it must be something that will provide that impetus to take you through the not so good times.

–      Do your research – what is their industry and where are they in their particular industry. Have they been highlighted in various magazines, awarded any prizes – top ten or top one hundred fastest growing company. 400% or more growth in the last four years or close. What about their culture, how do they deal with representatives? Are they sound financially? Will they be around next year or next five or ten years? Do they have a well-orchestrated company strategy? You can easily find some companies to make some quick cash but there is no guarantee they will be around for the long haul.

–      Can you afford the registration fee? The more sound companies have a registration and/or a monthly fee.  

–      Most networking companies require you to have at least two referrals to start the process. Do you have two people who are not only willing but would work the business as a team with you? Take it from me if you are serious about the business you need people who are also serious about the business. This is not a business where you get in and start vacation immediately and expect to reap the rewards.

–      Do you need storage for your products?

–      How much time do you have to devout to the business?

–      How are you going to get customers and market your business? If you have been in various networking groups before that did not work your best bet is to look outside of your family. They will come around when they see you progressing. Are you familiar with social media – facebook, twitter, linkedin? If you are working and plan to moonlight – then you definitely need to know social media.

–      What about training? Does the company have training and support?

–      Do you have the necessary tools – phone, text messaging, optimized website, webinar etc.?

–      What about payment options – do you have a credit/vtm or US Debit card? If you are delving into direct payment schemes you need to have a paypal/solid trust pay account and you need to have your credit card or vtm card linked to these accounts.

The above are just some of the issues to consider when you are looking for on line and work from home opportunities.

Feel free to add to it.

Are you benefiting from working late?

Leaving Office on time


Someone forwarded the above to me and it got me wondering – are there benefits to working late?

Has the person who wrote this script ever worked in an office?

Surely if you were to interview people who work late they will provide some reasons and benefits why they work late, e.g – a project to complete, a deadline to meet and the rewards/bonuses they receive quarterly or yearly. You may ask- Why can’t these tasks be completed during the normal working hours? Should we stop helping our coworkers on the job or refuse to attend meetings because we have our share of work to complete because  these things contribute to working late.  Are the working hours structured to accommodate all the tasks we are given? You hear so many stories where in some companies, people are performing tasks that should be completed by two persons, and you know this is true because if they leave, the company divides the job functions into two positions.

I recall years ago in one of my previous jobs my coworker and I left office around 1.45 am. We were trying to balance and complete financial reports for the company. Why did we do this? Surely we  never thought of ourselves as being incompetent. We wanted to do a good job, make sure everything was perfect. We agreed to a deadline and we wanted to deliver. We were of the view that if you say you are going to do something you need to do it.

Whether you are working for someone or working for yourself there will be a time when you have to work late and you will see the benefits – you delivered a report on time, or before time despite your various challenges, a client is happy because you were able to complete his application on time and above all you met your targets. You feel good about yourself.

The flip side is whether working late is a norm for you – this is when you have to really sit down and review your position. Is this making sense? Where am I now? Where do I want to be? When do I want to get there? Will this get me there? What sacrifices do I have to make to get there? Can I do better?

At the end of it all the decision is yours to make – no one can make you work late or tell you what is important to you, however you may want to bear the following in mind.

love your job


Would love to hear your views, and if you need help to review your position send me an email.

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