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Motivation and Health Tip – Be Yourself and Weight Loss Tip


We all want to be like someone else.
We want to be like this star, or this leader,
or we want to look like this or that person.

Why don’t you just be yourself!!

Oscar Wilde said:
Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

In performing the wedding ceremony of
Prince William and Catherine Middleton, the Bishop
of London used this quote from St Catherine of
” Be who God created you to be, and you will set the world on fire.”



Do you know that eating while engaged in another
activity like watching TV  or reading actually
increases weight gain because digestion slows
down allowing more fat to build up?

So focus on your eating.
Have a glass of room temperature water before you eat.
Start with your salad or vegetables first.
Avoid drinking while chewing as this increases the chance of gas.
End with a hot drink. This aids digestion.

Reading on Line


If you are like me and love to read,  e-reading is the way to go.


The following are a few benefits I have discovered to reading on line:

1. You avoid all the ridiculous courier fees and the inconvenience of ensuring you or somebody is  available to collect the package.

2. Your storage issues become a challenge of the past.   You can now read and research all the books and magazines with no storage worries. If you ever completed any type of studies I am sure you will understand what I mean.

3.  With reading on line you can now share your books and still have access to the information.

4. You can have access to read on line all the time.

5. You can easily print from your on line copy.


I would love to  know your experiences with reading on line.

If you have not tried it  click below now!

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