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Someone forwarded the above to me and it got me wondering – are there benefits to working late?

Has the person who wrote this script ever worked in an office?

Surely if you were to interview people who work late they will provide some reasons and benefits why they work late, e.g – a project to complete, a deadline to meet and the rewards/bonuses they receive quarterly or yearly. You may ask- Why can’t these tasks be completed during the normal working hours? Should we stop helping our coworkers on the job or refuse to attend meetings because we have our share of work to complete because  these things contribute to working late.  Are the working hours structured to accommodate all the tasks we are given? You hear so many stories where in some companies, people are performing tasks that should be completed by two persons, and you know this is true because if they leave, the company divides the job functions into two positions.

I recall years ago in one of my previous jobs my coworker and I left office around 1.45 am. We were trying to balance and complete financial reports for the company. Why did we do this? Surely we  never thought of ourselves as being incompetent. We wanted to do a good job, make sure everything was perfect. We agreed to a deadline and we wanted to deliver. We were of the view that if you say you are going to do something you need to do it.

Whether you are working for someone or working for yourself there will be a time when you have to work late and you will see the benefits – you delivered a report on time, or before time despite your various challenges, a client is happy because you were able to complete his application on time and above all you met your targets. You feel good about yourself.

The flip side is whether working late is a norm for you – this is when you have to really sit down and review your position. Is this making sense? Where am I now? Where do I want to be? When do I want to get there? Will this get me there? What sacrifices do I have to make to get there? Can I do better?

At the end of it all the decision is yours to make – no one can make you work late or tell you what is important to you, however you may want to bear the following in mind.

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